Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Adventure of Travel

I don't know about you, but by the time I've finished booking flights and hotel on the internet, I feel as if I have run a marathon.  Yes, this must be what the winning horse in the Aintree Grand National feels as he makes it up to the winning post. He's surmounted all the hurdles and held course despite the many distractions.
It's not that I am booking anything fancy, you understand.  Just a return flight to the Continent and a hotel to match.  The hotel isn't actually difficult as I use one of those handy sites which compares all the prices.  But flights are another thing.  If you are in absent-minded mode, then you had better watch it.  I wanted to book the cheapest flight - at a most inconvenient time for me, I might add but you pay for what you can or can't get -  and because the more expensive ticket was highlighted I almost clicked on it to verify. 
Then you have to plough through all those little boxes :  Book a seat? No thanks, I reckon you'll fit me in somewhere.  Insurance?  What for?  Either I make it or if I'm too sick to travel and lose the money - if I'm that sick I don't care one way or the other. Check in bag?  No, I have discovered you can live for a week out of a very small carry-on bag even if the toothpaste gets squeezed out of the tube.  Hotel?  Done at another site, thank you.  Car?  Nope. 
As I said, booking the hotel is easier but if I have trawled the net for information on hotels - maybe I'll make it to Rome, Budapest, wherever, and I just need a feel for how much it would cost - I find pictures of hotels at these places popping up with tantalizing links every time I go online.  It was just a passing thought, OK, advertisers?  Just because I paused in the shopping aisle at the local store and inspected stain remover doesn't mean you should follow me around for the next month waving different brands of it at me. 
Anyway, I'm all set now for my travels in August.  Roll on the summer.

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