Saturday, 12 March 2016

National Noodle Month - suits me!

According to the  March is noodle month. This suits me fine.  I love noodles, rice and couscous.  You've got it - starchy stuff best avoided if you're inclined to pile on the pounds (which I am).  But, and it is a big "but", I have a legitimate reason to indulge my taste buds.  At least for now.
I have been having trouble with a tooth, not just any old tooth, this one was especially treated when I had my nifty bridgework done,  just so that I wouldn't have trouble with it.
You sure you want to hear this?  Anyway, I started getting toothache and went to see my dentist who tut-tutted, muttered "root canal" and referred me to a dentist specializing in endodontics because a very fine drill was needed in order to perform root canal on my tooth.
Now, I am a coward of the first order when it comes to dentists.  I know they are necessary for our health and well being but I want to have as little to do with them as humanly possible.  I was terrified, in part, I think, because many years ago somebody told me all about their excruciatingly painful experiences with root canal and my reasoning was why should I get off lightly?  Friends and family all told me it was "not bad but you have to keep your mouth open for ages".
In fact, it wasn't bad at all.  But - yes, another of those big "buts" - the endodontician (if that's what you call him) couldn't get through to the root cause of the trouble despite drilling for around an hour.  So I have to return in a month's time for another session.  Meanwhile my tooth is a bit sensitive to chewing and as it is located towards the front of my mouth it is kind of difficult to protect it when eating.  So I am enjoying noodle dishes, risottos and couscous with nearly everything.  Lovely.  An ill wind!
And who knows, if the dentist keeps drilling next time, maybe he'll strike oil and I'll be one of the OPEC rich.  Well, if he can solve the problem, I'll be happy. Even without seeing the bill, I know I certainly won't be rich.

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