Sunday, 27 April 2014

All About Women

 Science Daily reports on research that suggests the width of a woman's hips is connected to her sexual behaviour.   The researchers, Colin A. Hendrie and co-authors Victoria J. Simpson and Gayle Brewer, surmise that women with wider hips are more likely to engage in sex because the birth process is generally easier and less traumatic for them than for smaller-hipped women (below 31cm).  Click here Science Daily report to read the full article.

As usual this got me thinking about all the research that is carried out and all the conclusions that are reached based on the results.  Did I really need to know that my hip width might influence my sex life?  Of course this knowledge has its advantages. As an interesting topic for conversation at the next dull party, it might be a show stopper.  Can you imagine hungry males eyeing up the girls and wondering what the chances were?  Or women anxiously checking their hip widths to see if they are sending out the right message?  It would kind of put a stop to all the hype about being thin enough to fit into a toilet roll tube.  Broader hips would signal attractiveness.  Women could always knock 'em dead with the remark "I have the most fabulous child-bearing hips, darling."

I have the utmost respect for scientists and researchers and the work they do. But I think that in this case humans are more than statistics.  They are not objects to be assessed and classified except in the broadest of terms (and no, this is not a pun on broad hips).  Every single one of us whether small, tall, thin or broad-hipped is an individual with our own very personal likes and dislikes.  And we don't need everything we do to be explained to us in scientific terms.

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