Friday, 6 January 2017

New Beginnings

We are already 6 days in to the New Year and although I struggle with writing the year as 2017, I know that in a very short time it will become automatic.
I have had an interesting start to 2017 (there! I've written it without any problems!). On Tuesday I had my problem tooth checked by the orthodontic surgeon and all was well so I do not have to have another check up until next year which, his Receptionist reminded me, will be January 2018. Three cheers for that!  I would hate to start off on the root canal saga of last year.  A tick beside the "Positive" box.
On Thursday I had a small lesion removed from the lower lid of my right eye. The surgeon assured me it looked harmless, they would do a biopsy and he would only contact me if there was a problem.
The only unpleasant thing about this operation was getting the injections to deaden the area.  Eeek!
I now somewhat resemble a panda when seen face on, there is a great big black bruise below my eye. It is a bit tender but not half as bad as it looks. I am doing my best to be nonchalant about it and act as if this is the latest fashion for January 2017 - despite people asking me in gentle tones if I'm all right.

Apart from that I have been busy converting my e-books into paperback. This means editing them again and it is amazing what needs to be done on this score, despite all the editing I did before publishing as an e-book. There is always room for improvement.

I have changed the wallpaper on my laptop to a shot of Frankfurt in late summer which I took last year and which sort of compensates for the grey foggy day which I can see outside my window.
Oh well, back to editing now - and I must really start on my third Sergeant Alan Murray mystery, the characters inside my head are waving at me and insisting on being transferred to paper.  A cup of coffee and here goes.  Oh, and here is the picture of Frankfurt flower stalls:
Hope you like it.  Roll on Spring!

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