Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year - you are welcome!

I haven't made a New Year resolution in I don't know how long. Long ago I recognised that I am not a very disciplined person so not a lot of use in making myself even one single simple promise to either not do this or that or to do it - eat less, give up smoking/cake/chocolate, get more exercise, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, keep in touch with friends more.  No, I knew I wouldn't do it and I would get a twinge of guilt every so often.
I gave up cigarettes but not on New Year's Eve.  I have cut down on chocolate and try to eat smaller portions - note the word "try".  I do walk to the beach for an hour nearly every day but this is no hardship as I love the sea. These "improvements" in my lifestyle have come about gradually and not by hanging up a new calendar on the kitchen wall. In summer I get up earlier. I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour but admittedly I am a night owl by nature. Note the word "try" again.
 I don't beat up on myself any more - life is just too short. People who make New Year resolutions and keep them have my full respect and admiration. But I am not one of them and can never pretend to be.


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