Saturday, 2 July 2016

Another dent in the learning curve of writing

I know - I haven't posted anything for ages. To tell the truth I've been watching the Euro 2016 Soccer. I love football, as I prefer to call it, and especially international games.  This time I was lucky because in addition to Ireland and Germany, England, N. Ireland and Wales also participated.  It was a bit tricky trying to arrange my social life around the matches but I managed it.
As I write, Wales are the only ones left in there and I think they have a good chance of getting into the final. I had originally tipped Belgium as a lot of people did. But that's football for you. Tonight Germany play Italy so I have an exciting evening of football to look forward to.

I remember when I became interested in football. It was too many years ago for me to admit to it. I was sharing a flat with a few girls and one of the boyfriends arrived early for a date. World Cup soccer was in the preliminary stages and while boyfriend was waiting for the girl to get ready he joined me in the sitting room where I bemoaned the fact that there was nothing but football on television (in those days we didn't have cable/satellite TV so you were stuck with what your national provider decided you should have).
'Football is a great game,' said the young man. I can't remember his name nor what he looked like but he did change the course of my sporting life! He proceeded to explain the finer points of the game to me, possession football, dribbling, the role of strikers and defenders and of course the off-side rule and what getting a penalty entails.He described it all in so interesting a manner that I was hooked. And I have been hooked ever since.

I don't want to moralize or making heavy going of it but there are some tips here for writers. Hook your reader from the word go and they will stick with you even if they have to concentrate here and there to get the full gist of the story. 'Nuff said.

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