Saturday, 26 January 2013

What a week!

It all started over a week ago, of course, and now only the bones remain to be picked over but it was very entertaining while it lasted. 

First of all there was Lance Armstrong and his sob and tell interview with Oprah. I think, though, that most if not all of the sobbing was done by the viewers.  Here's a guy who is a proven cheat and up to now had refused to admit it, a guy who crushed anyone who mentioned the word "doping" in connection with his prowess, and there he sits, trying to look contrite.  Sure he was in the wrong, he admits, answering "yes" to all those wild and weird names of drugs he'd taken which Oprah read out to him. But what, in the end, did it all mean?  It seems to me that dear old Lance felt that he'd been penalized enough, and hey, what was the harm anyway, and could he now be admitted back into competitive sport, he isn't really such a bad guy?
I have a tip for you, Lance:  winning isn't everything, sweetheart - get a life but if you plan on breaking into Hollywood, stick to farce, it's what you're best at.

Next there was Prince Harry returning from Afghanistan.  He had to pay the price by giving an interview and intimating that he had possibly killed a few Taliban fighters.  Whether this was a smart thing to admit is a moot point - anyone who loses his all at strip poker and gets photographed can't be too media savvy, I feel. 
On the other hand, what did everyone think he was doing in Afghanistan- serving tea at four o'clock in the officers' mess?  Keep calm and carry on, Harry.

And finally, the crowning moment:  Obama's inauguration.  Wasn't that lovely?  A happy ending straight out of a Hollywood tear-jerker!  Isn't it nice to have a glamorous leader in politics?  OK, there are many who argue he hasn't done much, could do more, what-have-you.  But for uplifting, feel-good stuff, it was hard to beat.  I have to hand it to the Americans for their enthusiasm right across the board. If only History were always like this!

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