Saturday, 8 September 2012

Good Hair Days

I've been following the US election conventions and I have a question :  do you have to be blonde and wear a red dress in order to be a politician's wife?  Seems that way sometimes. Take Ann Romney, mother and grandmother, shoulder length blonde hair, no noticeable wrinkles, and wearing a stunning red dress at the Republican convention in Tampa.  Jenna Ryan, long blonde hair, admittedly not wearing a red dress this time but I'm sure it''ll come, and of course there's Jill Biden, wife of the vice president with her shoulder length blonde hair who likes to wear red,too.  Even Michelle Obama's dress was of a red shade when she gave that rousing speech. Right or wrong, a red dress seems to signify power and success.

What does that mean for us non-political mortals who have passed our prime and are in the state of grandmother-hood?  Are we lesser women because we're a teeny bit overweight, fighting the grey hairs and don't own a red dress between us?  I think the answer is we are just as feminine as the Ann Romney's and Jill Biden's of this world.  It's not how you look but how you act that makes you the person you are and thank goodness for that!

In case we are tempted to get discouraged by so much glamour and so many trim waists, let's think about this politician's wife scenario. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama have both been highly praised for their speeches in support of their husbands.  They may even swing the vote in undecided states. Awesome thought, isn't it?  Is there some lesson to be learned here for us non-political mortals?  Should we accompany our husbands to a job interview, insist on going into the interview room first to tell the prospective employers what a great job he's done and how essential he'd be to their company if they take him on? Not a good idea is it? Of course, they might try to hire us instead of him!  Let's be thankful we don't have to champion our better halves and sing their praises to thousands of people. We'll just soldier on, doing the best we can whether we are blonde, brunette or just plain grey. And wearing red whenever we feel like it.

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