Saturday, 29 September 2012

Going Viral

I've come down with a virus.  It happens to us all but I can't help moaning that of all the bodies in all the world why this virus should walk into mine (with apologies to Humphrey Bogart).  And at a time like this.  You see, I am going to Spain for three weeks next weekend.  Hooray.  Sunshine and warmth to give me a boost for the winter.  And now this - sore throat, dry cough, and streaming eyes and nose. Worse still, the doc. says there's nothing much he can do to help, it will have to take its course which is on a scale of ten to fourteen days.  That means I could be viewing the blue Mediterranean through very bloodshot eyes or poking about in my paella with a paper tissue poised near my nose.  I suppose I'll have to sneeze and bear it.

Last night I gave up the unequal battle of breathing through my right nostril while mopping up my left one and fielding the constant flow from my left eye at the same time.  I turned on the radio and found a station which plays music all night.  Relaxing, beautiful music for the most part.  Music to doze off to and wake again thinking "oh, this is nice."  I sent several cyber-telepathic messages to the DJ in the hope he would intercept my request for Andy Williams singing Moon River which would have just about made my extremely long and sleepless night. Alas we were not on the same cyber wave length. Pity but there you go.

My blog will not be updated until the end of October when I hope to tell you all about my time in Spain. 
Until then, here's looking at you!

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