Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Writing my Novel Spate of Violence

 One of my readers asked me the other day if I intended writing a sequel to my novel Spate of Violence. I must admit that I had not intended doing so. It was always meant to be a stand-alone novel. Something I wanted to get out of my system and onto paper. Although it is not based directly on my experiences nor on people I encountered during my voluntary work in a crime victim support organisation, like most writers, I do draw on those experiences to a certain extent. Writing it was a painful process in many ways.
I had the idea in my head for several months before I got down to writing it. Although it is set in a small town in Germany, it could really have played out almost anywhere in the world. Set in Bitterfeld, a fictitious town near Frankfurt, it tells the story of Karen and Sebastian and their two children - a family whose lives are changed forever when they move to Bitterfeld, a town beset by petty crime.
At first they try to establish themselves and make friends but they become slowly aware of the dark undercurrents. The town is divided into those living in the high-rise apartment blocks in what is euphemistically called The Park and the wealthy "what can you expect from them" factions.  Karen becomes involved in a community scheme to assist disadvantaged women much to her husband's disapproval. She cannot know that this will ultimately cause her much heartache. Sebastian is determined not to get involved until their daughter is viciously attacked. He agrees to join the Citizens for Bitterfeld which has vowed to clean up the town. 
As the violence escalates, the ultimate tragedy can no longer be prevented.
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