Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Summertime and the living is pretty easy

Summer. Sunshine. Sea breezes. Watching the sailing boats. Walking on the sand. How I love it all!
It would be nice if we could keep memories stored in a bottle and be able to let them out whenever we liked. The feel of sunshine on your skin in the middle of a cold, grey November day would be something, wouldn't it?
We have a mini heatwave here in Ireland two weeks ago. At the weekend everyone took off for the beach. People had barbecues in their gardens. We all walked around in shorts and t-shirts and summer dresses. It was wonderful while it lasted!
I'm not a dedicated hot weather fan. I'm inclined to wilt if the mercury gets above 24C here in Ireland where it is humid or 27C on the continent. I will be off to Germany later on this summer to look after my grandchildren. Currently the temperature there is around the 37C mark, falling to 32C or so after a thunderstorm. It is a dry heat, which makes it slightly more bearable, but when you have thundery weather it does get humid. So I'll be travelling light. It always seems strange to me that a short journey by airplane takes you into a completely different atmosphere both from a weather and a current affairs point of view..
To everyone who's looking forward to their annual summer holiday:  Have fun, don't get sunburned, and come back fit and relaxed!
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