Friday, 14 October 2016

What is your personality type?

Recently a scientist or scientists at Madrid's Carlos III University did some experiments, the result of which, they tell us, points to there being only four personality types in all the whole wide world.
Why did we ever think we were unique with minds of our own?
The four categories are (according to Carlos III de Madrid Universidad, I hasten to add):

30% can be classified as Envious
20% Optimist
20% Pessimist
20% Trusting

Yes, you are right, that still leaves 10%. The survey said that there is a fifth unidentified group of people which make up this 10%.  Aha!

A scientist explains the experiment thus: 
Problem:  you can hunt for deer together only or hunt alone for rabbits only.
The answers were the pointers to what classified Envious, Optimist, Pessimist or Trusting.

I have a problem with that: I am against hunting for sport.  Would that make me one of the 10% unidentified people?

What did I learn from reading about this study of humankind?  Only that a) scientists should have better things to do and b) the basis of the study sounds a bit flaky.
However, on thinking things over, this might be an absolute ice-breaker at that awkward dinner party/boring cocktail party you are attending.  How about turning to the nearest person and asking "if you had to hunt rabbits on your own or hunt deer with a partner, which would you do?" 
Whatever the answer, it would most likely be lost on me because I have nearly forgotten the rationale behind the survey. 
Everyone I have ever met is an individual with their own unique story. No scientist in any university anywhere in the world is going to change my opinion on that.

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