Sunday, 4 May 2014


Are you a star, a superstar or a celebrity or even a scandal celebrity (a description I read somewhere in the online edition of a newspaper this morning.)?   Do you feel "super" when you copy the dress your favourite star, superstar, celebrity wore to some fashionable event?  It seems that a lot of women do feel the need to buy an outfit which looks like one that, for example, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn. Once some clever fashion reporter reveals where Kate got that coat or little dress or whatever, the shop is sold out of the item within a day.  And why not if it makes you feel good? 

Do you really want to be a celeb, though?  Look at poor Pippa Middleton. Stephane Bern, a French author  maintains Ms Middleton wore a "fake bottom" at the wedding. It was all just well placed padding, she says.  Just imagine scrutinizing Pippa's bottom over the past few years and coming up with this idea. It sounds a bit as if the green eyed god has poked someone in the eye, doesn't it?  Mon Dieu!  Get a life, pleeeasee.

 If you are a celebrity people consider you fair game for all sorts of comments in what often seems to be an never-ending put down game.  Life's too short isn't it?  I'd advise Stephane to get out there in the fresh air, buy some French bread at the market and drink a big cup of freshly ground French coffee.  It'll make her feel better and the rest of us can continue enjoying ourselves with or without that ooohhh-to-die-for dress that - er - whatshername wore to that -er - event last night.

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