Saturday, 27 July 2013

Women like funny men - really?

An article titled "Women Like Funny Men" recently caught my eye.  I have to ask:  which women?  Let's face it we are individuals not a herd of sex-starved creatures looking for the ultimate thing in men and laughs.  I don't know how many women were surveyed, not that I think it's relevant.  If you're ticking boxes and you come across the question "would you be attracted to a man who made you laugh?" I guess most of us in the "women" category would answer yes. At any rate a funny guy is better than one who makes you cry, right?  That doesn't mean it's the only criteria we'd look for. I guess top of the list would be kindness, thoughtfulness, reliability, boring stuff like that which is so important in any relationship.

To get to the bottom of this interesting statistic I searched the web and found the statement "women like funny men for a fling."   Really?  Does this include a sleep starved mother with a six week old baby?  If a guy makes her laugh she's going to have a fling with him?  Where's she going to put the baby while she's doing that?

And following on from the funny guy idea, think about having the supreme joker around all the time. You'd get to hate that laugh wouldn't you?  When you are collapsed in an armchair after a hard and frustrating day at the office you want someone who'll listen to your grumbling not a stand up comedy act in your living room.  They should have gone for a question which goes something like "would you fall for a man who listens to you and massages your back at the same time?"  Now you're talking, right?

So statistics have proven yet again that they are not to be taken completely seriously.   And guys, you don't need to dash off and buy the latest joke book.  Us "statistics women" like to laugh but we like to be loved, too.

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