Saturday, 30 March 2013


First of all, I must apologize for not writing a blog last week.  I was away at a Writers' Weekend and attended a few workshops and panel discussions, all of which were very beneficial to my writing.  In my experience  most writers who have not yet hit the big time show an engaging mixture of hope and modesty about their talents.  And that's the mix you need to succeed, that and a determination made of steel that you will persist writing and submitting your work no matter how many rejections you get.  So, fired up by the people I met at the weekend, I am polishing up on my steely determination and have started a new novel.  This one is a contemporary romance and is insofar a deviation from what I usually write about but I am having fun with it and that's the main thing.

It's hard to believe that Easter is here, isn't it?  To me Easter has always meant feeling the first warmth of the sun and thinking of the promise it brings of long summer days ahead.  Yellow daffodils, primroses, snowdrops and the trees starting to bud -  all these are part of it.  This year flowers are slow to come out and face the frosts and snows, the East wind would take the skin off your face.  And yet, like life itself, even when it's hard to imagine things will ever get any better, the summer warmth will make itself felt at some stage in the not too distant future. It's a cheering thought!  As I write this the sun has peeked out from the clouds and I can imagine the flowers I've planted preening themselves in its rays.  No wonder the poets of old loved to write verses on daffodils and their "sprightly dance".  It is a feel good time of year.
I wish all my readers a Happy Easter and hope that you have a special time and that the sun comes out for you.

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